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Musicverse Original Song

Two famous Japanese video game music composers make original music for Musicvese!

Musicverse Terms

New terms for Musicverse (Japanese only)

Musicverse Announcement

Rainy Frog announces Musicverse Virtual Keyboard Nintendo 3DS Download

Momonga Pinball Adventures Release

Rainy Frog releases the Momonga Pinball Adventure for Wii U Download

Dotpaint Announcement

Wii Uダウンロードソフト「ドットペイント」を発表します。 詳しくはここをクリックしてください。


U-EXPLORE SPACE ADVENTURES for Wii U Download will launch on 18th November U-EXPLORE SPACE ADVENTURE

Halloween Sale 2015

Announcing “Rainy Frog Halloween Sale 2015” 30% off EDGE, 2048, Puzzle Bottle, Loop Line Racing and

Ittle Dew Announcement

Rainy Frog announces action adventure game “Ittle Dew” for Wii U Download

Hirameki Puzzle Tetogram Announcement

Rainy Frog announces the addictive puzzle game Hirameki Puzzle Tetogram for Wii U Download

Blue Moon Release

Rainy Frog releases the mystery adventure game Blue Moon for Wii U Download


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