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Piczle Colors

From Score Studios, who brought you the hit logic-puzzle series Piczle Lines DX,
comes the highly anticipated follow-up! Piczle Colors will excercise your brain in
exciting new ways with a unique logic-puzzle style, a fun story, a bucketload of
extras and the return of your favourite characters!

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Puzzle Wall

Strike a pose and fit
yourself through the wall!

In the spotlight and under pressure, a series of walls are coming straight at you!
Each wall has a gap cut out in a different body shape.
Hold a Joy-Con in each hand and move your arms to match the shape and slip through the gap!
Sounds easy? It is at first, but the gaps get smaller and the walls get faster.
How long can you survive before you're plunged into the water? Practice alone or play together for some serious fun!

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Animated Jigsaws: Japanese Women

Piece together animated jigsaw puzzles of beautiful
women from Japan wearing traditional dresses.

Complete moving jigsaw puzzles alone or team up with friends and finish them together!
Animated Jigsaws: Japanese Women contains short videos as
jigsaw puzzles that are pieced together to reveal beautiful ladies.

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Piczle Lines DX 500 More Puzzles

Couldn't get enough of Piczle Lines DX? This is for you!
Another Piczle Lines game with 500 new and sometimes feisty puzzles to wrap your mind around.

25 new puzzle packs with 20 puzzles each, containing famous places and people, works of genius and very challenging 1 color puzzles!

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Star Ghost

A Metagon war fleet has been detected at the outer perimeter.
Patrol 12 star systems in the most advanced star fighter ever built.

Navigate the perilous fragments of exploding planets, survive intense asteroid fields
and dogfight with deadly Sentinel ships as you defend against the relentless onslaught
of the formidable Metagon empire.

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Piczle Lines DX

Draw lines to connect pairs of numbers to complete a hidden picture in this feverishly addictive PICture puzZLE game!
Connect numbers of the same color, using the same number of blocks as the number! Easy controls let you draw line after line as you gradually reveal the picture! Once you start you'll be hooked!

Play through 100 levels in Story Mode as you follow the adventure of a professor and his mysterious Piczle-Matic camera. Each puzzle solved unlocks the next step in the story!

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Mini Sports Collection

Compete for the best times and scores in 12 different sports!
Mini Sports Collection focuses on the fun part of each sport throwing you straight into the
heart of each one! Bat in Baseball, shoot clay targets in Skeet Shooting, take down opponents
in Wrestling, smash the ball in Tennis! Quick reflexes, fast button presses and accurate controls
are required to make the highest rankings and succeed in 24 different achievements.
Compete in solo events or try multiple event tournaments!

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